APUTURE Amaran F7 LED Light


  • High Color Rendition
  • Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature
  • Light & thin Design
  • Multiple Charging Methods
  • Wide Color Temperature 3200K-9500K
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The Most Versatile On-Camera Lightweight and Compact Extremely Bright LED Light

The Amaran AL-F7 is an updated version of Aputure’s popular AL-H198. It has a maximum brightness of up to 14000 lux @ 0.3m with a 45-degree beam angle. The F7 features an exceptionally high color accuracy rating, boasting a CRI and TLCI of 95+. Featuring an expanded bicolor range of 3200K-9500K, the F7 allows you to light any scene imaginable and makes it easier to control your brightness and color temperature. The F7 is lightweight and compact, affordable, and of course, extremely bright.


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