Hollyland COSMO C1 1000ft Wireless HDMI/SDI Video Transmission


  • WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMISSION REVOLUTION. COSMO C1 is equipped with Hollyland’s HEVO technology with Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH), Seamless Retransmitting and Simplified UVC Streaming, bringing you boosted signal strength and superior Anti-Interference performance. Fast, stable and smart video transmission in 5GHz frequency.
  • UNNOTICEABLE CHANNEL SWITCHING. HEVO completes each synchronous frequency hopping in 0.001s with only 40ms ultra-low latency and up to 1,000ft line of sight (LOS) range. Whether in manual or auto-switching mode, your Electronic Field Production monitoring will no longer suffer from screen flickering or black screens in complex wireless environments.
  • WIDE RANGE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY. Embedded with HEVO’s USB Video Capture (UVC) technology, it takes just one USB-C cable to push 1080P60 HD video to your computer for direct live streaming. COSMO C1 supports HDMI/SDI input, HDMI+SDI+UVC Output on RX, and SDI LOOPOUT on TX. It can work with any mainstream camera, monitor, and switcher.
  • VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL MOUNTING. COSMO C1 comes with 1 Peasecod Pan-tilt with Cold Shoe and 1 extra Cold Shoe for you to mount freely. 2 mounting holes at the front panel allows installing the unit horizontally, ideal for evening out the weight to balance the setup on camera and stabilizer, while the 1/4″-20 threaded hole can mount the unit on any tripods.
  • 3 POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS. As usual, COSMO C1 guarantees that you have nonstop power supply for different shooting scenarios. DC power supply is more suitable for indoor project, while L-series battery and USB-C port are perfect for your run and gun missions. Power indicator on screen and LED light in red reminds you 20 minutes in advance of a dying battery.
  • Warm Notice. COSMO C1 supports 1 TX to 1 RX. TX supports HDMI or SDI video input from 1 camera. C1 has 8 frequency channels and supports up to 4 sets working at the same place. Under AUTO channel scan mode, it will switch channels automatically when there is interference. TX’s loopout function only works when input is from SDI port, not HDMI.

Hollyland COSMO C1 [OFFICIAL] 1000ft Wireless HDMI/SDI Video Transmission System 40ms 1080P 12-20Mbps 5G Image&Audio Transmitter Receiver, Embedded UVC Live Stream Seamless Channel Switch SDI-Loopout

Product Description


HOLLYLAND COSMO C1 Wireless HDMI SDI Transmitter Receiver 1000ft WHDI H265 UVC

  • Wireless Transmission System with SDI/HDMI Input, 2*SDI+1*HDMI Output, SDI Loopout on TX
  • Up to 1000ft Line-of-Sight Transmission Range with 40ms Ultra Low Latency
  • Works in 5.1 GHz-5.8 GHz Frequency Band, H265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Technology
  • Adopts WHDI Wireless Standard with Excellent Anti-Interference Performance, Stable and Fast Transmission
  • Auto Frequency Hopping and Channel Scan, No Flickering, No Black Screen
  • Embedded UVC supports Direct Live Stream with just one USB-C Cable to Computer
  • Supports Input/Output Video Format up to 1080P 60/50, 12Mbps Code Rate


Auto Frequency Hopping & Channel Switch, No Flickering, No Black Screen


Latest HEVO Technology

HEVO, a solution embedded with adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) and seamless retransmitting technology, brings exceptional reliability, boosted signal strength, and superior anti-interference performance. You can now say goodbye to screen flickering, screen pauses, and black screens throughout the production. With this level of anti-interference performance, it still allows 4 sets of video transmission systems to work at one location without compromising their smooth video delivery.




HDMI&SDI + SDI Loopout

Built with 1 HDMI and 2 SDI Ports on both TX & RX, you can choose HDMI input, or SDI Input with SDI Loopout in TX; 2*SDI + 1*HDMI output, and UVC direct live stream in RX.

NOTE: SDI Loopout to monitor only works when input is from SDI port in TX.

Vertical & Horizontal Mount

The front cold shoe mounting design allows installation horizontally, while the bottom 1/4″-20 threaded hole allows vertical installation on any tripods.

NOTE: Please use the mushroom antennas on TX when installed horizontally.

Battery Low Indicator

The battery indicator shows in red 20 minutes in advance to remind you of a dying battery. No more last-minute panic.

NOTE: Red light means battery is dying in 20 min, while Flashing Red means less than 5 min.




Locked To the Max

The patented ball catch design on the backplane holds the NP-F series battery firmly in place. Stable NP-F battery power supply. Easy to install and remove battery.

NOTE: NP-F batteries are not included in the package.

Non-stoppable Power

DC power supply is more stable, while NP-F series battery is more convenient for run-and-gun missions. USB-C power can keep the device working when changing batteries.

NOTE: USB-C power is not recommended for long-time use, because it’s not stable enough.

Auto Fan Mode

No more trouble to select fan modes, COSMO C1 can smartly adjust the fan speed according to the device’s temperature. The fan noise is so quiet and you can’t even feel it.

NOTE: For more info, please feel free to reach us.

Push Stream-All you need is a USB-C Data Cable


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