Introducing the X Pro 3 Way Head

Manfrotto introduces the X PRO 3 Way Head, a brand new head designed for photographers who want maximum precision from a compact size.




The retractable levers can be extended when needed.



Make fine framing adjustments by setting the head’s friction to support the weight of your camera, even with the locking knobs open.



Aluminium body, Maximum Load: 8kg/16.8 lbs.


Introducing the X Pro 3 Way Head




Three-way heads are ideal for making fine and precise adjustments – in macro photography, for example.


The friction controls on the new X PRO 3-Way Head’s tilt and portrait movements allow delicate framing adjustments to be made with the locking knob open.



Compact but reliable.

Thanks to its aluminium body, the new X Pro 3-way Head can carry up to 8 kg (16.8 lbs).

But it weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lbs).


Stylish and Durable


The design of the X PRO 3-Way Head is part of the iconic new style that defines Manfrotto’s whole range of products for advanced hobby photographers and professionals alike, including our most celebrated 190 and 055 tripods.

This head is engineered to be a perfect match for these tripods in terms of features, performance and design.



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